Thursday, October 21, 2010

The first steps...

5 things that can make living in Memphis more like living in New York.
  1. Go to the theatre. We have "The Orpheum" which is a lovely theatre downtown at which travelling formerly on Broadway plays and musicals show. There are also several other local theatres.
  2. Go to book signings! There is an amazing bookstore in Memphis called "Davis-Kidd" where best-selling authors frequent.
  3. Visit the local attractions. We have a lot of local attractions here. Graceland, of course, and a few famous museums, including: The National Civil Rights Museum, The Stax Museum of American Soul Music, The Pink Palace, to name a few.
  4. Eat at local restaurants! In NYC, I eat at local places daily. Here, I always eat either at home or at a big chain place. But Memphis has a lot of local diners and bars. Time to start checking into them.
  5. Drink more Starbucks. Self-explanatory.

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